MARGINS Source-to-Sink Theoretical and Experimental Institute

“Teleconnections Between Source and Sink in Sediment Dispersal Systems”

Eel River Basin, N. California, September 17-21, 2006

FTP Uploading Instructions

Below are directions for how to load your poster onto our server from the "Command Prompt" on a PC running Windows XP (actually, any version of windows will do, but there might be subtle differences not covered here). The alternative is to use an easy drag-and-drop ftp client. If you are using a Mac, open a Terminal window and begin at Step 4.

Please email the MARGINS Office to let us know that your files have been uploaded to the server.

1. Copy the poster to the Desktop and make sure there are no spaces in the name (example = yournameposter.pdf).

2. Start -> Run

3. Type "command" and click "OK"[Command window comes up]

4. In the command window, enter:
       cd Desktop
       User: anonymous
[Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply.]
       ftp> cd incoming
[CWD command successful.]
       ftp> bin
[Type set to I]
       ftp> put yournameposter.pdf
[...Transfer complete...]
       ftp> bye

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Last updated Wednesday, October 18, 2006