MARGINS Source-to-Sink Theoretical and Experimental Institute

“Teleconnections Between Source and Sink in Sediment Dispersal Systems”

Eel River Basin, N. California, September 17-21, 2006

MARGINS S2S TEI Acceptance Form

Please submit this form by 28 July 2006. Any questions should be directed to the conveners or the MARGINS Office.

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Preferred hotel accomodation: *Note: If you prefer a single room (depending on availability) you will be charged a supplement fee of $80 per night (to be confirmed) plus taxes and surcharges. Please complete the preferred roommate field below, even if you have selected the single room option, on the chance that a single room is not available. Due to space and field trip constraints, we will be unable to accommodate spouses and families.

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Field Trip

The TEI field trips can only run with the cooperation of volunteer drivers. If you are willing to volunteer as a driver please check the box below. If you change your mind you can opt out at a later date.
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Please use the comment field below to provide the MARGINS Office and the conveners with any information pertaining to your attendance, not covered by this form.

If you need to change your information after submitting the form, contact the MARGINS Office directly via e-mail (; please do not use this form for making changes.


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