MARGINS Source-to-Sink Theoretical and Experimental Institute

“Teleconnections Between Source and Sink in Sediment Dispersal Systems”

Eel River Basin, N. California, September 17-21, 2006

Keynote Presentations
Presenter Topic
Sunday, 17 September Return to top
J. Syvitksi [ppt, 30.2MB] The Promise of MARGINS Source to Sink

Monday, 18 September Return to top

B. Dietrich [ppt, 120.4MB] Sediment Fluxes off the Hillslope
J. Milliman [ppt, 2.9MB] Sediment Routing Through the Fluvial System: Pulses, Storage, Lags, and Legacies

Wednesday, 20 September Return to top

C. Nittrouer [ppt, 60.9MB] Fate of river-derived sediments: putting active margins into perspective
A. Droxler and S. Bentley [ppt, 63MB] Sediment Delivery to Offshore Slopes and Basins

Thursday, 21 September Return to top

J. Swenson [ppt, 10.3MB] Teleconnections in the S2S System

10-Minute Talks Return to top

Presenter Topic
Monday, 18 September Return to top

K. Berryman [ppt, 24.8MB]
E. Leithold [ppt, 7.2MB]
B. Mackey [ppt, 27.8MB]
SJ. Kao [ppt, 64.3MB]

On-going Studies in the Source
T. Dunne
S. Fagherazzi [ppt, 3.7MB]
B. Gomez [ppt, 4.5MB]
M. Blum [ppt, 51.1MB]
On-going Studies in Sediment Routing

Wednesday, 20 September Return to top

C. Harris [ppt, 23.8MB]
R. Wheatcroft
N. Driscoll
P. Liu
On-going Studies in Sedimentation on Shelves Experiences Sea Level Change
N. Mitchell [ppt, 9.9MB]
C. Alexander [ppt, 52.5 MB]
J. Yun
On-going Studies in Offshore Slopes and Basins

Posters Return to top

Presenter Title
B. Crosby Knickpoints and Terraces: Delays in the upstream transmission of fluvial incision signals [pdf, 23.1 MB]
K. Farnsworth Beginnings of A Coastal Mud Budget for the State of California [pdf, 2.7 MB]
T. Gerber Late Pleistocene and Holocene Stratigraphy of an Active Forearc Basin, Waipaoa Continental Shelf, New Zealand [pdf1, 484 KB, pdf2, 456 KB]
A. Kettner Modeling suspended sediment discharge to the Poverty Shelf, New Zealand, during the late Holocene [pdf, 2.6MB]
F. Nitsche Detailed Analysis of Sediment Distribution and Deposition in the Hudson River Estuary [pdf, 4.3MB]

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